We are a family who dedicated our lives to help the kids. We know how important is the education and this knowledge we would like to spread further.

Don Manuel Cujcuy

Founder and representative of the organization.

He founded the organization for people from the village who need social and medical help. It was in 1982. More than 37 years have passed since then, now the organization focuses mainly on helping children. He has never studied, never attended any school and yet he knew from the beginning how important and necessary education is in everyone’s life He looks with pride at his students, who are now finishing university and getting a good job. He would like every child in the world to have such an opportunity.

Doña Felipa Cujcuy

Wife of Don Manuel. From the beginning of the organisation’s activities, she supports him at every step. Every day she opens the door of her home to more than 20 kids. She is a grandmother for them. She prepares meals for various events for kids and adults.

Vicky Cujcuy

Daughter of Don Manuel and Doña Felipe. From a young age he helps his father in running the organization. She completed an English and Spanish teaching course. In the organization, she is mainly responsible for conducting classes with the youngest students, she also organizes events, accepting volunteers and organizing donations

Gloria Cujcuy

Daughter of Don Manuel and Doña Felipie, a clinical psychologist by profession. In the organization, she mainly conducts classes for older students. She also acts as a couch for parents. She organizes motivational therapies for them, teaches and encourages establishing closer ties with children.

Odi Cujcuy

The youngest daughter of Don Manuel and Doña Felipe. At the moment she is a school student. However, she is very involved in the activities of the organization. Whenever she has time, she gladly helps her sisters and parents in conducting classes with children

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