Our mission

To collaborate integrally to support education and provide social, technical and scientific assistance with the goal of promoting community development. 


  1. Provide educational, technical, humanitarian and cultural assistance to the rural and marginal urban populations and to all of the community to satisfy their needs and interests with sustainable development methods. To improve the quality of life conducive to the overall good through social assistance programs designed to improve the education, nutrition and health of community members. 

2. Promote the participation of women in the community

3. Implement projects for children, especially in rural and marginal urban areas

4. Promote and implement conservation activities for the environment

5. Promote and defend the human rights of children and youth

6. Provide new strategies through Self- sustainability projects and to create new opportunities to excel and help beneficiaries and elderly people.

7. To provide group and individual psychological therapies for families and communities, through this, to direct people in search of solutions and integration as family and as an individual.


  • Folk dance performance at Rainbow Café and Santa Clara Bakery in Antigua
  • Parenting workshops
  • Indigenous cooking workshops
  • Environmental and science activities 
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Educational field trips to Antigua
  • Mother’s, Children’s, Father’s, Valentine’s and Independence’s Day celebrations
  • Harmonious Christmas celebration 
  • Soccer camp
  • Vacation  courses


  • Garden cultivation and maintenance and chicken-breeding projects to help families become more self-sustaining. 
  • Clothing and food drives for community members
  • Housing improvement projects 
  • Mental health for parents and children (group and individual psychological therapies)
  • Salary for workers.

Let’s build something together.

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