We invite you to be a part of the New Dawn Association in any of the following ways:

  • Child sponsorship program: You can sponsor a child to help provide them according to your background or priority needs and school supplies. 175.00 Quetzales (25 $) per month provides a child with projects of self-support, school supplies and access to an educationalafterschool program. If you are interested to support them, you can help them to achievetheir goals and to be part of their dreams.
  • Folk dance programs: The children of New Dawn Association learn and perform traditional folk dances to preserve and share the customs of Mayan culture as well as provide a creative outlet for the children. Monetary donations help make this program possible and also we look a person or group of people that can help us to buy the Marimba (instrument mayan). You are welcome to attend these performances at Rainbow Café and Santa Clara Bakery in Antigua.
  • Help improve the program site: the New Dawn afterschool program currently takes place in the small family home of don Manuel. Their vision is that the program will someday have its own site. Donations are greatly needed to buy our own land, to build new classrooms, to build new tables and desks for the children and to fix the roof where the activities take place.
  • Means of transportation: Many of the children involved in the afterschool program live very far away from the New Dawn site and lack reliable transportation. The cultural field trips to Antigua and other areas also require transportation. New Dawn is looking for someone with a minibus to help with these transportation needs.
  • Sponsorship for the workshop for adults. We are looking for people willing to run workshops for parents several times a year. These can be tailoring, cooking, baking and handicrafts classes. We would be glad for any type of support while conducting classes in the form of necessary materials appropriate for the type of classes and small refreshments
  • Equipment and supplies donations:
    o School supplies: backpacks, notebooks, paper (lined, blank, colored), glue, and other supplies that you may wish to donate.
    o Desks, chairs, bookshelf and other classroom furniture
    o Hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lice shampoo for hygiene workshops
    o Cooking supplies for indigenous food workshops: pots and pans, utensils, dishes, blender etc.
    o Arts and Crafts supplies
    o Sound equipment for workshops (microphone, bullhorn, gunship, horns, printer, photocopier, computers, etc)
    o Cleaning supplies (soap, brooms, mops, detergent, trash cans, etc)
  • Volunteers: we love volunteers! Both long term and short term with any skill set. Get in contact with us so we can figure out the best way for you to work with New Dawn and learn about our indigenous culture while we learn about your culture.
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